I am running a full node on a static IP and I can open up whatever ports needed to communicate with that node.

I need to figure out how to communicate with that full node remotely. I want to run an implementation of lightning but don't know what is best to use, LND, C-lightning, Eclair, etc.

I will be traveling and will have my lightning on a USB stick and then want to communicate with my remote full node.

Is this even possible ?


With C-lightning you can connect your lightning node to a remote full node:



Then start the lightning application:

$ lightningd --daemon

Note this will require enabling the RPC server (server=1 in bitcoin.conf) on the full node and configuring the authentication. See

$ bitcoind --help
Username and hashed password for JSON-RPC connections. The field
<userpw> comes in the format: <USERNAME>:<SALT>$<HASH>. A
canonical python script is included in share/rpcuser. The client
then connects normally using the
rpcuser=<USERNAME>/rpcpassword=<PASSWORD> pair of arguments. This
option can be specified multiple times
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  • For this you don't need to set an alias in the lightning config. Otherwise great answer – Rene Pickhardt Jan 5 '19 at 10:14

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