Just started lnd for the first time connected to a bitcoind node. Do lncli getinfo and this is the error message. How can I get past this?

EDIT: Would like to add that I'm using lnd on testnet, however lncli is looking in the mainnet folder

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Found the issue, lncli needed to be set to testnet and you need to create a wallet as well

lncli --network=testnet create
lncli --network=testnet getinfo
  • The answer should be more general. try mentioning the fact that one needs to provide a proper --rpcserver and --macaroonpath to match both lnd and lncli. For example: if lnd was started with: lnd --rpclisten=localhost:10003 --listen=localhost:10031 --restlisten=localhost:8003 --datadir=data then lncli should be started with: lncli --rpcserver=localhost:10003 --macaroonpath=data/chain/bitcoin/testnet/admin.macaroon supposing lnd was to be used with the testnet flag. The flags network=testnet or -n testnet are just a particular scenario of this.
    – ranchalp
    Nov 15, 2018 at 9:59

After installation of the lnd for the first time you should initialize a wallet with a command: lncli create

Here is description of startup commands:

lncli help
create          Initialize a wallet when starting lnd for the first time.
unlock          Unlock an encrypted wallet at startup.
changepassword  Change an encrypted wallet's password at startup.

It may require you to create the path:

mkdir -p <path from error message>

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