What are similarities and differences between Tendermint consensus and Proof-of-Stak?

For example, in both consensus, a validator is selected randomly (I think in Tendermint consensus they are selected in a round robin process).

And I think in Tendermint consensus, validators are known and pre-selected, unlike Proof-of-Stake consensus. Is it true? and if yes, what entity does confirm a known validator?

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Yes they are known. They are selected via a round-robin fashion. The Tendermint team intend to add a VRF to randomly select validators:


  • Thank you. So, do it mean that there is a finite set of "pre-selected" validators (permissioned)? OR everyboby is permitted to join set of validators (permission-less)? Thanks
    – Questioner
    Oct 21, 2018 at 13:54

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