I just heard about Bitcoin, it looks huge, and am trying to get it to work and see how it works.

I live in a very rural community and we do not have Internet yet, I had to do some dirty deeds to get my first minimal hardware, and to get this far to simply post.

-- I installed QT and let it sync. I want to learn how to run bitcoind on my local Windows PC and issue commands in hex to the network.

I can't get bitcoind to run.

C:\bitcoin-0.17.0\bin\bitcoind -daemon -datadir=c:\bitcoin ( when I ran QT, I added -datadir=c:\bitcoin ) Error: -daemon is not supported on this operating system

-- I am assuming I can't or should not run Bitcoin QT and the daemon at the same time. I'm trying to understand the bitcoin commands, from the command line (not the QT console) and believe that I can not run both at the same time, because both try to sync the blockchain, correct me if I'm wrong.

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You can run bitcoind.exe on windows if you leave off the -daemon flag, as the error message says. Then it will run in the command prompt window or whatever you are running it with. While it's running, you can interact with it using bitcoin-cli.exe in a separate command prompt window.

No, you can't run bitcoind and bitcoin-qt at the same time if they're using the same data/wallet directory, correct. But that's not the cause of the error here.

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