I have a BitcoinCore/Dash Fork I've gotten to run successfully. I have it mining correctly in the Wallet, also have 1 Full node, and 2 master nodes setup. All have been working perfectly fine, I ended up mining up past 1000 block. The problem I am running into mentally is how do I properly update the core code and push out updates without disrupting the whole network? How does the network know that my node I push code to, is the correct one it should be receiving updates from?

Also, is my first "full node" (which is just a node, not an actual masternode) ever goes down, does the network still continue forward? When I bring my full node backonline with new updates does it just resync with the other nodes for the blockchain?

The reason why I ask this is because I just tried to do an update and I had taken down my 2 masternodes and my full node, plus my QT wallet, then when I went to update everything and get back online everything got stuck in a "out of sync" since 4 hours had past.

  • Not sure I understand the downvotes, this is a legitimate concern for any new blockchain developer that is just trying to understand how everything works – eqiz Nov 2 '18 at 2:43

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