I want to generate multisignature address with person, which I didn't know.

Someone send me a public key. Then I do:

bitcoin-cli getnewaddress "" legacy

Ok, I got


After that, I need to know my own public key:

bitcoin-cli validateaddress "1QKVwuQnu69HgsMVvynFhApYmmdLf8bMKT"

But v.017 do not give me a public key:

"isvalid": true,
"address": "1QKVwuQnu69HgsMVvynFhApYmmdLf8bMKT",
  "scriptPubKey": "76a914ffca8b339408c5eb664513f62c98256c5edcc98b88ac",
  "isscript": false,
  "iswitness": false

Is there any way to generate multisignature address (2 of 2) if wallet do not know one of this addressess ?

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validateaddress has changed to be separate from the wallet, so it cannot look up the public key information for an address. Use getaddressinfo instead in order to get all of the wallet information for an address, including the public key.

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