Is any data available on the amount of bitcoin used in actual commerce, as opposed to investing in bitcoins, during specified time periods?

(I'm wondering whether the recent increases in dollars-to-bitcoins ration are correlated with amounts used in business via things like BitPay or otherwise.)


That's the thing about a pseudonymous digital currency -- there's little information that can be gleamed from the blockchain data.

There are some metrics reported in aggregate by the payment processors and others. For instance, last month BitPay shared during a discussion that they had surpassed 10,000 transactions since their launch over a year earlier. They didn't provide the number of bitcoins as well or give the average amount per-transaction. They are probably the largest payment processor but even that amount is pretty insignificant.

This data will probably be most accurately obtained through user surveys and from there extrapolate.

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  • What about the number of customers that BitPay has? Is anything known to anyone besides BitPay about the specific numbers at the end of each month over the past year? – Michael Hardy Mar 4 '13 at 16:22

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