Does it matter if I'm on the testnet in terms of calculating transaction sizes?

I'm failing to comprehend the size calculation.

Some are saying 180 * inputs

Others are saying 148 * inputs

For outputs it seems 34 * outputs is the standard .

Then + 10 bytes.

And +- the amount of inputs * bytes.

For example my transaction with 3 inputs and 3 outputs:

Ouputs = 3 * 34 = 102 bytes

Additional 10 added to that makes it 112 bytes

  • If inputs are 148 bytes: 444 bytes
  • If inputs are 180 bytes: 540 bytes

Total will be 556 or 652 give or take 3 bytes but on the blockchain it shows as 621 bytes.

How do I calculate this properly ?

Block chain transaction:


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