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in my site the user has a link to check the transactions and his wallet address.

right now I am using this:

blockchain: https://blockchain.info/tx/#{txid}

address_url: https://blockchain.info/address/#{address}

and works perfect for btc mainnet

in my code I have this to get the blocks and addresses info, my question is how can I get the same thing but using testnet?

I tried https://www.blockcypher.com api but did not work, any help? thank you.

what I want it is get the transactions and addressess info from their in my website.

it is already working but just with btc main chain

I am using testnetchain already: bitcoin.conf testnet=1

can someone one explain how to get this info using the testnet?

is blockcypher or another website similar to blockchaininfo to me get these parameters.

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Blockchain.info does appear to support testnet blocks and transactions by simply using the "testnet" subdomain.

For example:

txid: 4200cea53a075f3081156a9d664fe05cfe108a09e26e8f20ee65e7ebe141060b

block: 1443900

address: mum6KQEwAHGDRr7HRXx7hufcsyqiGPUCtN

So in your case simply use this:



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