I Think I own the genesis block it really eats my name.it has my real name on it with QR codes.WHen I check it from Blockchain site its the same as the one I got.

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    Welcome to Bitcoin.StackExchange! I am having trouble understanding what exactly you are asking. The genesis block in Bitcoin is hard-coded, and therefore cannot be spent. Can you edit your question to be a bit more specific? – KappaDev Nov 21 '18 at 1:52
  • I use an old version of wallet address bitcoinwallet.com then I put my name on it using my ninja name kingkiromomochi.bitcoinwallet.com. then i put my name i was surprised half a second when i address it using the genesis block. – user89814 Nov 21 '18 at 2:00
  • Thanks for replying. its the one that starts with 1A1 then ends in DivfNa. that nonces must be waiting for me for along time. – user89814 Nov 21 '18 at 2:05

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