I'm running Bitcoind 0.17 on a raspberry Pi 3. Everything ran smoothly until I did something wrong (I guess) but can't figure out what happened. Now I got this error. Has someone experience with this one:


018-11-23T13:11:47Z Fatal LevelDB error: IO error: /home/bitcoin/.bitcoin/indexes/txindex/105794.ldb: Bad message
2018-11-23T13:11:47Z You can use -debug=leveldb to get more complete diagnostic messages

EXCEPTION: 15dbwrapper_error       
Fatal LevelDB error: IO error: /home/bitcoin/.bitcoin/indexes/txindex/105794.ldb: Bad message       
bitcoin in txindex       


Thanks in advance for helping me out.


Your database is corrupted. This probably means the RPi overheated, or its storage is crappy.

This is not unusual for RPi class hardware.

To recover, you'll need to reindex.

  • Thanks Pieter. I guess I better copy the blocks and chainstate again to my RPi (I still have another full node running), instead of using the function -reindex, as this takes a couple of days? – Jeans5 Nov 25 '18 at 11:01

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