I use the "bitcoincashjs" or "bch-lib" and want to add a new opcode "OP_CHECKDATASIG" to output.How to do?

const utxo = {
    'txId' : 'b76e4563bfe2e9e40355e3791e060b774ceb9ba04bef70df151763f82acb69a0',
    'outputIndex' : 0,
    'address' : '1bbLNcTwoffAjuWTyBuu4vSwNUBNMgYgHL',
    'script' : '76a9147f27b2a0a88bc84d3db72f22ea82d52c99a6a0e088ac',
    'satoshis' : 2000

    const transaction = new bch.Transaction()
    .to('1bbLNcTwoffAjuWTyBuu4vSwNUBNMgYgHL', 1500)

They added it to their examples.md recently.

var privateKey = new bch.PrivateKey('L1uyy5qTuGrVXrmrsvHWHgVzW9kKdrp27wBC7Vs6nZDTF2BRUVwy');
var utxo = {
  "txId" : "115e8f72f39fad874cfab0deed11a80f24f967a84079fb56ddf53ea02e308986",
  "outputIndex" : 0,
  "address" : "17XBj6iFEsf8kzDMGQk5ghZipxX49VXuaV",
  "script" : "76a91447862fe165e6121af80d5dde1ecb478ed170565b88ac",
  "satoshis" : 50000

var transaction = new bch.Transaction()
    .addData('bch rocks') // Add OP_RETURN data

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