For a confidential blockchain, suppose there are three people which join a series of transactions. To hide the number of transactions among them, they need to do some dummy transactions. Suppose the IDs of real transactions (generate by one of the three join people) is in order and the IDs of dummy transactions are random numbers, and they must be indistinguish (other people in the network may know the rule of order of real transactions). So we need to encrypt the ID. However, if we want to store neither the encrypted transaction IDs nor the IDs or PKs of the other two people in these transactions. All I know are ID of one transaction and my PK/SK, how can I use ID to get encrypted ID, then use this encrypted ID to get the transaction information (not store in local, other two people also need to get the transaction by the encrypted ID even the ID is nor generated by them)? Is there any ciphers can meet this? Thank you.

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    You can't encrypt information on a blockchain, as it interferes with the ability to validate. – Pieter Wuille Nov 28 '18 at 0:27

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