I'm trying to find out the seed for the HD wallet in the 0.17 release of Bitcoin Core. I used the getwalletinfo command in the RPC console which produced information which includes a string that it calls hdseedid, which curiously is the same as the string it calls hdmasterkeyid.

My question is - is that string the actual HD seed itself, and if not, how would I find/display it?

Any clarifications appreciated.

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The hdseedid is the same as the hdmasterkeyid (the latter is retained for legacy reasons, it was renamed to hdseedid for better clarity). It is the HASH160 of the HD seed.

If you wish the retrieve the seed, unlock your wallet and run:

dumpwallet /some/filepath/wallet.txt

In the dumped wallet, you should find an xprv key, which is your master extended key. Note that Bitcoin Core does not support BIP39, and the xprv cannot be converted to seed words.

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