I wanna setup a dnsseed for a crypto currency using sipa/bitcoin-seeder on my VPS. The server is hosted at NetCup and running the software as root, and also listening on port :53 UDP.

My domain is hosted at GoDaddy and got those records:

dnsseed.machinenode.de  1800     IN     NS  ns01.machinenode.de.
ns01    1800     IN     A   SERVER_IP

However, if I use dig -t NS dnsseed.machinenode.de I just get NXDOMAIN as status and no namserver returned.

Is anyone familar with setting up a dnsseed and able to help?

Thanks and friendly regards



After switching my servers OS from CentOS 7 to Ubuntu 16.04 things started working.


When you add or alter a DNS record you need to update the serial number in the zone data and take into account the TTL (time to live) which is used by clients as a cache refresh interval.

If you are using a hosting provider's web-based control-panel, it probably takes care of the serial number for you but it won't adjust the TTL in advance of the change. Therefore your change can take a while to propagate through third-party and client DNS caches.

NXDOMAIN means "no such domain" - so far as the nearest DNS server is concerned, it has a still-valid set of data for the parent zone and that does not contain the delegation you enquired about.

$ dig +nocmd +multiline +noall +answer machinenode.de
machinenode.de.         600 IN A

$ dig +nocmd +multiline +noall +answer dnsseed.machinenode.de
dnsseed.machinenode.de. 30 IN A

Those numbers 600 and 30 are the TTL values.

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  • Okay thanks, however I've added those records few days ago (after registering the domain)...atleast the dnsseed. one – Nigho Dec 5 '18 at 15:50
  • also, if I do dig -t NS dnsseed.machinenode.de @ns01.machinenode.de it works fine – Nigho Dec 5 '18 at 18:21

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