I am developing a Bitcoin Wallet in Javascript. I've worked on ETH but it's my first time on BTC. Here are following queries if anyone can help:

  1. How do we generate bitcoin Wallet like we do in Ethereum. PrivateKey -> PubKey -> Address and Private Key is used to sign a rawTx, searlize and then broadcast. What I'll need to make this happen in Bitcoin.
  2. I've gone through docs of some libraries Bitcore, Bcoin and cryptocoinjs but all of them tell to connect to a node(test/live) to generate wallet etc.
  3. Is there any way(lib) to generate a wallet, Load wallet from privatekey, sign TX from private keys all of this offline,and then propogating this to node. How this is done in Bitcoin.
  4. What Bitcoin node can i use for mainnet?

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  • There is a lot here, but I would have a look at github.com/bitcoinjs/bitcoinjs-lib it has examples, and can do all you are looking to do. It requires a connection with a bitcoin node via RPC. Alternatively, Bitcore will run its own implementation of a full node. – JBaczuk Dec 10 '18 at 18:19