I just read a blog about someone rent an AWS hpc & run Vanitygen to get a vanity address & some of the latest 2018 performance. Assume i have some of the top supercomputer these days(Sierra, Summit, Titan,...) & to get the address 1BitcoinEater... . How many key can it generate per second, like summit specifically? How long does it take to get the address i want?

  • Generating keypairs on a cloud server is a bad idea, security-wise. Usually you would want to keep your private keys as secure as possible! – chytrik Dec 12 '18 at 21:07

Summit supercomputer has:

9,216 POWER9 22-core CPUs

Using CPU we have total 202752 cores to run, Vanitygen automatically use all threads to calculate, on average a CPU can generate 250k keys/sec on Vanitygen. Multiply & we have about 506Gkeys/sec, this is way lower than i expected. I don't know how to calculate time to generate the key you mention though

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