I setup my unomp server and connect a cpuminer/minerd to it to mine bitcoin. Everything works like a charm. Then I connect my INNOSILICON T2 to it to mine bitcoin, it gives the following error:

[2018-12-24 20:00:33.857] [DEBUG] [default] - Pool bitcoin Thread 3 Unknown stratum method from (unauthorized) [ip]: mining.configure.

Does anyone know why? Maybe unomp does not support new "mining.configure" extension introduced in stratum protocol to enable asic boost? If so, what are unomp alternatives that support asic boost?

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UNOMP is no longer maintained and development of it stopped before the introduction of Asicboost into stratum. Thus it does not support using Asicboost.

CKPool is a mining pool software that that does support Asicboost.

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