Other than Bitpay/Insight-UI, are there other tools that index addresses from the Bitcoin blockchain. I want to be able to query the index like this "https://btc.com/bc1qjjpevxjj3rgt2ffuzmamcz8hzp8rx7sx4tufpjm5jsanhzzd3x9szrh897"

In this question, it says that Bitcore is not reliable anymore. There are a few other questions (1, 2) on StackOverflow on this, but there are no reliable answers.

I can just scan the blockchain, and create my own index LevelDB or some such. Is that the best way?

  • Libbitcoin-Server indexes all addresses. You can try the public server at mainnet1.libbitcoin.net, and the zeromq query message formats here (github.com/libbitcoin/libbitcoin-server/wiki/Query-Service). This interface is designed as robust public-server query API and is suited well for public clients, if that is what you need. If you only need addresses from a wallet, try electrum server. – James C. Jan 9 at 11:59
  • Ah, I had not realized that libbitcoin indexes addresses by default. Doing the initial block download now. I am used to the blazing IBD of bitcoind, and this is a bit frustrating. But getting the free address index is possibly worth it. Thanks for the pointer. – Tejaswi Nadahalli Jan 9 at 13:36
  • Caveat: it doesnt address/pubkeyhash of native witness output scripts, but does index all addresses/pkh’s of P2SH(witness scripts). – James C. Jan 9 at 13:39
  • Voting to close as OT because the answer is either a service recommendation or "Yes". – RedGrittyBrick Jan 9 at 15:49

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