I'm running a full node as well as a Lightning Node with 4 channels open. I also have incoming ports enabled. I've noticed that my balance varies daily by a few thousand Sats. I'm new to running a node so wondered if someone could explain why this happens (or maybe link me to an article explaining).

Many thanks...

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If it is only the balance of your channels that is changing I would assume that your node is routing payments. The lightning network is all about forwarding payments.

So the following explains what could have happened assuming you have two channels to a node A and a node B:



  • node A has 20 satoshi
  • your node has 40 satoshi + 30 satoshi = 70 Satoshi
  • node B has 50 satoshi

Let us assume B wants to pay 15 satoshi to A this does work via lightning and via your node. The channels will update their balance:



  1. node A has 35 satoshi
  2. List item
  3. your node has 25 satoshi + 45 satoshi = 70 Satoshi
  4. node B has 35 satoshi

Probably your node even takes some routing fee which could have a standard value of at least one satoshi in that case your final balance would look like this



  • node A has 35 satoshi
  • your node has 25 satoshi + 46 satoshi = 71 Satoshi
  • node B has 34 satoshi

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