Not long ago I saw on the site github.com the very first Nakamoto code:


Running bitcoin.exe, I did not find the console. If the program is open source, how can I view "Transaction Create a new transaction" and "Sign Transaction"?

I know that the program is written in C++ I would love to see the "Transaction" processes as on https://coinb.in Coinbin source code is written in javascript. Can I view in C++?

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The original Bitcoin client did not have a debug console or many things that we see in modern Bitcoin software. Furthermore, it is a compiled software (C++ needs to be compiled) so you can't inspect the thing being run for its source code. However, Satoshi did publish the source code along with the pre-compiled binary. For transaction creation, you can find this in the repo you linked in src/main.cpp. It is the function named CreateTransaction. Another copy of the original distribution can be found on nakamotoinstitute.org.

Lastly, Bitcoin Core is based on the original client's codebase. It's commit history goes all the way back to 0.1.5 so you can see code that is very similar to the original release and view the code for any version between 0.1.5 and modern Bitcoin Core.

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