I setup an Antminer S9 using this document: (Link to document).

And I configured connection to antpool.com using this guideline: (Link to guideline).

So, I filled out the fields as follows:

Pool 1:

URL: stratum+tcp://stratum.antpool.com:3333

Worker: MySubAccountNameInAntpool.com.mywork

etc ...

Pool 2:  stratum+tcp://stratum.antpool.com:443
Pool 3: stratum+tcp://stratum.antpool.com:25 

And when I PING to antpool.com, no packet is lost as follows:

enter image description here

However, when I see Miner Status, there is no information ! (as follows:)

enter image description here

Also, my hash rate in my dashboard in www.antpool.com is zero !

enter image description here

What is the problem?

(If you need any further information, please let me know.)

  • Can you share the settings tab?
    – YKNA
    Jan 28 '19 at 20:04

I found the problem. In fact, although the PING to Antpool.com was successful; however, the network used a proxy causing problem of connecting successfully to Antpool.com. So, after changing the network I could see the hash rate in my dashboard.

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