I created two bitcoin address in VM nod as well as local and dump privatekey for both addresses by using "dumpprivkey" command. Is there any posibitity to send BTC from bitcoin address which is created in VM to the local address by using privatekey.I ran the below command in my local. Command:

bitcoin-cli -testnet -rpcuser=test -rpcpassword=test123 sendfrom HotWallet2 "2N2316Rb6Yky5MLhgjdHfcuurP2kX8Z5mLN" 0.2

"HotWallet2"==>which is account name of bitcoin address created in VM node.

"2N2316Rb6Yky5MLhgjdHfcuurP2kX8Z5mLN"==>this is locally created bitcoin address

Can anyone please give the solution. Thanks in advance.

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