I sent bitcoin to my coinbase address but I didn't know that every transaction, the address changes. My Coinbase account doesn't show my deposit, have I lost the bitcoin? Is it possible to get it back? The address record on the blockchain shows that there is balance but my coinbase wallet doesn't.

  • This is basically a customer service question that you'll need to contact coinbase to resolve. If the transaction is confirmed but your coinbase account hasn't been credited, you'll need to talk to them in order to make things right. There is nothing anyone here can do about it otherwise. – chytrik Feb 6 at 23:05

If you've sent to the same address before it should work. Addresses in Bitcoin can be reused, it's just not recommended for privacy reasons. I'd suggest reaching out to Coinbase support, and tell them what addresses you've sent money to.

  • I didnt receive my btc using my old coinbase btc wallet address but Thank you pal, i did as what youve said. Ill update you soon. – HOT SAUCEY Feb 6 at 23:13

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