I'm doing some preliminary research for my company into the viability of cryptocurrency mining, were not planning to mine it ourselves, but it's indirectly relevant; it's kind of a long story.

To start I need a very rough idea of what the expected dollar return per KWH invested in mining if I were to assume constantly changing the coin mined to always mine the most efficient crypto currency, and assuming a relatively quick turn around to exchange the currency for dollars; and an idea of how that price fluctuated over the last few months at least. Ideally I'd like to create an estimate of what the expected return was if running both on standard commodity computers, likely focused on CPU-mining, vs running on device with multiple GPUs and a focus on GPU mining; though that's likely too much to ask for.

I'm new to crypto mining community. I understand the concept of how these coins work, but not much about the market or how it fluctuates. Can anyone point me to the best resources for generating/deducing what the high level ROI would be?

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