Most Dogecoin blocks are mined by AuxPOW. We tried to connect them with Litecoin's ones.

Well, some part was easy to deal with. For example:

#./dogecoin-cli getblock 8206a3954e6d7dd8c72e010b5c1cb2f2cc371d26f29fb5a9960952af895acc9f

"auxpow": {
      "txid": "1af937160d7fcb7f9ec8d1b8be0b5e350124f9a49610c0a7f1c67a554f182c1a",
      "hash": "1af937160d7fcb7f9ec8d1b8be0b5e350124f9a49610c0a7f1c67a554f182c1a",
      ...something else...
      "blockhash": "8ffbd7333d1dd34f29e913bd30759b5837893b04e93b56e50c91c87effb298b0"

"blockhash" is the Litecoin aux block hash,
"txid", "hash" are both the same hash of the transaction which contains the hash of Dogecoin block in the ScriptSig.

Everything is clear in this case.

But another one:

#./dogecoin-cli getblock 9414d7593718e67d0ba70aaf17e25b6fe4a198de4451c3cd669770522aa60c5a

"auxpow": {
      "txid": "315925f133b22c715b07fd915e69e88d528b1507351aef057c57c2a4a4c33cf0",
      "hash": "315925f133b22c715b07fd915e69e88d528b1507351aef057c57c2a4a4c33cf0",
      ...something else...
      "blockhash": "56f077e0ebb9a992e7f1309cb4035d9a772cc77f8e00f7bd7e9e8f28899ea9fc"

Neither "txid", "hash", nor "blockhash" values could be found in the Litecoin blockchain.

How to find the aux blocks for the ones similar to the blocks in the second example? What are these hashes?

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