I'd like to query the Bitcoin daemon (bitcoind) to find out what startup flags (command-line options) were sent to it on startup (or the current state if it has changed, e.g. -server=0/1 changing).

For example, I may want to know if -addresstype, -disablewallet, -rescan, or -uacomment=<cmt> or some other flag has been set.

Or for Namecoin, it would be very useful to know if -namehistory has been set.

Is there an RPC or any other method to find out?

Or, to ask the question a different way...

src/bitcoind.cpp's bool AppInit(int argc, char* argv[]) method calls ParseParameters(argc, argv);, which is in src/util.cpp.

In src/util.cpp we have:

map<string, string> mapArgs;
static map<string, vector<string> > _mapMultiArgs;
const map<string, vector<string> >& mapMultiArgs = _mapMultiArgs;

To store flags/options/args.

I'd basically just like to get whatever is in those variables through bitcoind.

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On Linux, get the process id of bitcoind and read /proc/<pid>/cmdline.

On Windows, use wmic path win32_process where "name = 'bitcoind.exe'" get commandline


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