So I just bought this antminer t15 and when I powered it on, It was working fine, I was able to set it up, I located the ip of the device then I configured the pools in ant pool.com , had to update firmware because it was not detecting the socket, in short. After I had it set up then I wanted to let it run for an hour and see if it wold run smoothly while setting up my coinbase account and pufffttt all of the sudden the device shuts down by itself, no fans are on, no red or green light are on, the PSU was hot but not like you could fry an egg on it, the power cord is 220 v so I don't know if it was some internal circuit in the psu that turned off the device...? but I tried turning it back on like 4 times now and is not turning on. Any ideas? am I going to have to contact bitmain? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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