I am running a trading bot using nodejs to call APIs of some of the popular exchange like Bitstamp.

I am unable to find an API which can help me in concluding if an order has been canceled or not? I get the immediate confirmation after the Cancel API call for a give orderId, but I am looking for a solution which can tell me in if an order has been canceled or not for a given orderId.

I also had a look at Order Status API which closely gives what exactly I am looking for, but the problem I faced using this API is that when I call it specifying a canceled orderId, It returns an error Object saying order not found:

{ error: 'Order not found' }

Which will be the same again for any random orderId which doesn't belong to the user. Hence not a perfect solution. Seems like they(Bitstamp) doesn't store canceled order information.

How can I solve this? Tons of thanks in advance

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