I lost my second wallet password and I am looking for it.

Among them, I used a tool (btc recover) and got the following values.

Blockchain second password hash, salt, and iter_count in base64:

What is the above Yn*****************woSysc***95J+***+*************3ad***//*************= for use?

Also, will there be some hints for finding the second password?

  • There should be a reason why btc recovery has prepared a mechanism to issue this value (Blockchain second password hash, salt, and iter_count in base 64 :). I want to investigate the reason. – Norihisa Sakamoto Feb 20 at 16:56
  • This value (Blockchain second password hash, salt, and iter_count in base 64 :) is not for decode simply,It may be something to use something else. – Norihisa Sakamoto Feb 20 at 16:57

That looks like the data from the extract script (it looks like you manually changed some characters to asterisks for security reasons). From what I've read, you'd normally feed that data into the recovery tool along with all the other information about the password that you remember (patterns, words, etc)

See Usage for blockchain.info

Once you have your main password, take your wallet backup file (it's usually named wallet.aes.json), and make a copy of it into a different folder (to make it easy, into the same folder as the extract script). Next you'll need to open a Command Prompt window and type something like this (depending on where the downloaded script is, and assuming you've made a copy of your wallet file into the same folder):

cd \Users\Chris\Downloads\btcrecover-master\extract-scripts  
C:\python27\python extract-blockchain-second-hash.py wallet.aes.json  
Please enter the Blockchain wallet's main password:

You need to enter your wallet's main password when prompted so that the extract script can remove the first level of encryption to gain access to the second level of encrypted data. You should get a message which looks like this as a result:

Blockchain second password hash, salt, and iter_count in base64:

The above should look familiar to you.

You carry on as instructed

When you (or someone else) runs btcrecover to search for passwords, you will not need your wallet file, only the output from extract-blockchain-second-hash.py. To continue the example:

cd \Users\Chris\Downloads\btcrecover-master
C:\python27\python btcrecover.py --data-extract --tokenlist tokens.txt
Please enter the data from the extract script
> YnM6LeP7peG853HnQlaGswlwpwtqXKwa/1rLyeGzvKNl9HpyjnaeTCZDAaC4LbJcVkxaECcAACwXY6w=
Password found: xxxx

You need to read all the instructions though. It is probably critical to fill in the list of words you think you may have used and the sorts of patterns you may have used.

  • Thank you for your reply. I have a question. I tried this yesterday, is this a brute force? I do not know what kind of brute force it is doing. Are you making a password candidate from the word list and making it a hash and investigating whether it is correct? Blockchain second password hash, salt, and iter_count in base64:YnM6UtV42SCdSoI1ZU9UkftyxUwwoSysc98fv95J+RN+EveQQqV0cIFB3adB7W4N//FQiBMAANKIkNA= – Norihisa Sakamoto Feb 21 at 23:19
  • If there is not enough information to make a word list, is it difficult to find the second password? Because I do not remember how many digits the second password is and what it contains. – Norihisa Sakamoto Feb 21 at 23:28
  • Yes, it's brute force and its likelihood of success depends on how much correct information you give it. – RedGrittyBrick Feb 22 at 8:47

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