I'm making some test for a bitcoin merchant webpage. I want to test different actions without paying transaction fees everytime, but I can't since I use the same few bitcoins for everything.

Sooo how long should I wait for my bitcoins to be transfered wihout fee?

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As the coins "age" they will have a higher priority.

I don't know the algorithm, but believe it is roughly like a day or so and then the age of the coin no longer is a factor.

So if you are seeing minimum fees for coins more than a day after you've received them, it is because of other reasons, such as having outputs at amounts below 0.01 BTC.


In the Bitcoin protocol, fees are totally optional. You can have a fee of 0btc or 10btc.

Once there are more transactions then what fits into a block, which isn't now, miners will choose what transactions to include into their block, and they will prefer transactions with a fee attached, because they get that fee.

Right now, fees don't help process a transaction any sooner or better, but in the future it's likely to make a difference. This totally depends on what happens in the future, and is very much up for debate.

  • Thanks Liquid5n0w. I think i didn't explain myself well, even if the transaction fees are optional right now, when you just receive bitcoins you can't re-send them inmediately without fee, bitcoind tells me to include a 0.005 fee because "i just received those bitcoins". I went and read about that, it seems to be that i have to wait for my bitcoins to be "old enough" to send them for free again.
    – user3418
    Mar 18, 2013 at 22:21

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