I am trying to create a new bitcoin address and store it in a shell variable $NEW_ADDRESS.

When I run this command:

$NEW_ADDRESS=$(./bitcoin-cli getnewaddress)

I get the following errors:

error: Could not connect to the server
Make sure the bitcoind server is running and that you are connecting to the correct RPC port.
-bash: =: command not found

I have tried everything to fix the connection error, including typing the command:

./bitcoind -rpcport=8332

Or even, changing the bitcoin config:

nano ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf

And typing these lines on the configuration:


But nothing works. Does anyone have an idea on how to troubleshoot and fix this?

Thanks in advance.

  • try ps aux | grep bitcoind is the process running?
    – JBaczuk
    Commented Feb 26, 2019 at 17:43

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-bash: =: command not found

Leave out the initial dollar symbol when you assign the variable:

NEW_ADDRESS=$(./bitcoin-cli getnewaddress)

Use the dollar symbol when you use the variable:


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