I have tor running as a service on my computer and start bitcoind with -proxy= but it fails to find any seeds through DNS or anything during startup, and even after leaving it on for more than a day it still not finding peers. I'm not getting any errors with connection or anything, and if I change port to for example 9051, it complains indicating that tor is running ok. Also, if I run it without the proxy option I get peers immediately and syncing starts right away. Can someone please help me? I'm running 0.17.1.

Here is also a little bit of the console print during startup. I was running it without proxy right before this so it got a few blocks:

2019-03-12T00:45:31Z Loaded 8954 addresses from peers.dat  23ms
2019-03-12T00:45:31Z init message: Loading banlist...
2019-03-12T00:45:31Z init message: Starting network threads...
2019-03-12T00:45:31Z addcon thread start
2019-03-12T00:45:31Z init message: Done loading
2019-03-12T00:45:31Z net thread start
2019-03-12T00:45:31Z opencon thread start
2019-03-12T00:45:31Z dnsseed thread start
2019-03-12T00:45:31Z msghand thread start
2019-03-12T00:45:42Z Loading addresses from DNS seeds (could take a while)
2019-03-12T00:45:42Z 0 addresses found from DNS seeds
2019-03-12T00:45:42Z dnsseed thread exit
2019-03-12T00:46:02Z Syncing txindex with block chain from height 13187

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Have you confirmed that tor is working correctly, say with a web browser? Temporarily set it to use a SOCKS5 proxy at

For more verbose information, try starting bitcoin with

commandline: -debug=1 or -debug=tor

bitcoin.conf: debug=1 or debug=tor

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