I sent a transaction to the testnet address mzWCWQU6phb9rKSAiQ4FBU92sGYtY7tjPH a few days ago and I have been using the testnet.blockchain.info api for a while now in my project. It was working fine last month but now it doesn't seem to be getting the latest transactions.

This is the api call:


and this is the same address on Blockcypher:


Does anyone know what the issue is?

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I noticed a few weeks ago that the URL https://testnet.blockchain.info now redirects to the main BTC/BCH/ETH explorer page. The whole site has a new look, and new coins.

If you search for the address via the web interface, you can see the testnet transaction: https://www.blockchain.com/btctest/address/mzWCWQU6phb9rKSAiQ4FBU92sGYtY7tjPH

Given the recent changes, is it possible they just haven't yet changed over the API for testnet?

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