Running on headless Ubuntu Linux. I would like to use this keypair generator, and check the public keys generated with each run against a single other public key.

I know that "recovering" a lost private key is impossible and what not. But I'm not asking if this is a good or bad idea, I'm asking how I can accomplish the process of generating the keypairs and checking the public key. The address I'm checking against is pre-HD wallets. I don't know if that makes a difference, but may be relevant.

Consider this a proof-of-concept, demonstration. I would like to generate the keys, compare against the known public key string, then if a match is found: record the public and private key information to a file.

I'm thinking I would grep/sed this, or maybe awk, but ultimately, need some direction.

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    Why not just make the function do nothing? It’ll never succeed to make a match anyway, so you save some effort. – Anonymous Mar 19 at 22:04

See this wiki page to convert the public key to an address.

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