Can ı take Bitcoin from one country to another?


Bitcoin is not physical. There is no need to take it around if you are travelling. As long as you have access to your keys, you can access your bitcoin from anywhere (with an internet connection).

  • I have one in my packet. Can ı take it to different countries? – Anonplayer Mar 22 at 8:13
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    @Anonplayer: If you edit your question and insert a photo of the thing you have in your pocket, people may be able to give you more specific advice. Perhaps you have a hardware keystore ("wallet") like the Trezor or Ledger. Perhaps you have a decorative physical "coin" or one of the discontinued physical coins that contain a private-key or contain a serial number which could have been used to retrieve a private-key from the manufacturer's website. – RedGrittyBrick Mar 22 at 14:47

One way to think about "carrying/transporting" Bitcoins is to understand that they aren't actually with you at all. You can imagine the Bitcoin Blockchain as a giant vault with infinite boxes.

The "Bitcoin" that you are carrying is actually the key to your box in the vault.

So, rephrasing the question:

Can you take information from one country to another?

Legally speaking: if you aren't going to a dictatorship, yes.
Practically speaking: No one is able to know what you are carrying inside your mind.

Should you take wallet (a piece of hardware or software that stores that information to you) to another country?

You might want to do it discreetly to avoid problems or abuse with custom officers or even being robbed while travelling.

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