I transferred my BSV from my ipayyou wallet to my bitcoin wallet. My money is stuck in unspent status as can be seen on blockchair.com.
This is the transaction: https://blockchair.com/bitcoin-sv/transaction/650fe02747d5d75fc572dfbdec81e6a7b5bc00d35fd856924834d4c3b8475263

How can I recover it?


Most Bitcoin clients and forks recognize the wallet.dat format since the forks require some form of backward compatibility in order for previous coin holders before the fork to use their funds. Find a Bitcoin SV client, verify it with GnuPG or build it from source, import the wallet.dat and start your IBD and create a transaction. If you trust a blockchain explorer, you can create the transaction manually from your UTXO transaction hash and use both createrawtransaction and signrawtransaction to create a transaction without needing to synchronize. This can be broadcast to the network. Personally, I do not advise doing this, nor using a light client, but this may the more convenient and cost-effective option for you. Since there is only one main spend, valued at 1.87564926 BSV, a full client may be better since there is less room for error.

Using the link above for createrawtransaction, you would put in transaction hash 650fe02747d5d75fc572dfbdec81e6a7b5bc00d35fd856924834d4c3b8475263 into "Transaction ID #1", 0 for "VOUT #1", your desired destination address that you control in Address #1 (if your address starts with a p or q, convert it to legacy format using this tool), then the desired output amount. For the field "BTC #1", use something a little less than 1.87564926, since your transaction will not be accepted without fees (your block explorer of choice or your full client may give you a fee estimate). Whatever is not specified to be paid to the address is the fee amount, and is paid to the miner. The result, which is shown in the "result" field of the "Command Result" box, is what should be signed. The transaction cannot be signed on the website provided, instead, it should be done on the client with your private keys and then broadcast to the network.

Remember, it's always best to have a full node. Don't simply trust a block explorer because it says a transaction hash is what it is. Only use the above if you are willing to marginally risk your funds.

Yes, this is real. Full nodes actually validate Merkle roots and chainwork. Use one.


tell me how to recover it.

Download a BitcoinSV client. Install and synchronize it. Import your private keys or copy your wallet.dat and rescan.

  • Never put your private keys into malware.
    – Jannes
    Mar 29 '19 at 8:12

Download ElectrumSV from the bottom of the page, run it and import your private keys.


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