3-4 days ago, I transferred bitcoins from Virwox to my Electrum wallet, but this bitcoins didn't arrived, what can i do?

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    Do you see a green dot in the bottom-right corner of Electrum, showing that it's synced? – MCCCS Apr 1 at 16:43
  • No, i got red dot – SuraWarrior Apr 1 at 16:58

Don't worry, you're coins are safe. You only need to fix the connection. You should go to Tools -> Network and then choose a server.

  • Thank you so much – SuraWarrior Apr 1 at 17:31
  • Glad that your problem is solved! If you could click on the ✔️ button, that'd be great as it shows others that my solution worked for you. – MCCCS Apr 1 at 17:56

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