I'm trying to generate a Monero Public Key and Private key for a webstore using only PHP.

I see Monero javascript and python code, however, I do not see PHP only code.

This is my attempt with PHP only:


$Cryptonote = new Cryptonote();
$seed = $Cryptonote->gen_new_hex_seed(); //generate new random hex seed
$address = $Cryptonote->gen_private_keys($seed); //generate new random private key

echo "Address : " . $address . PHP_EOL;

I receive these errors:

Notice: Undefined variable: spendkey in /var/www/html/monero/src/cryptonote.php on line 72

Notice: Array to string conversion in /var/www/html/monero/example.php on line 14 Address : Array

This is the library I'm using:


I appreciate any help!

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