I just a beginner in bitcoin technology.I planning to create a multi user bitcoin web wallet using a VPS full node setup(Not use minig). I read the RPC documentation and found something for archiving my target. Some thing that

For register new user


For send bitcoin from one account to another(inside the same web app)


For send bitcoin to one account to another(outside to this web app)


For get the balance of username1


I well know that sendfrom and move is a deprecated function.Also to know the account system is deprecated. But I need to specify the from address correctly. I now use bitcoin-qt 16.3. This deprecated methods is working well on this version. I need to know something factors about my decisions from this bitcoin community.

  1. My way of developing bitcoin web based wallet is correct....?? What is another RPC call to best practice to achieve my target(web wallet)..??
  2. If I am in wrong direction. Please correct me.
  3. Any problem will arise in future to follow this type of RPC call(like sendfrom and move) ..??
  4. I don't see the RPC support for the customizable transaction fee. But some bitcoin web wallet is provide that facility. How can archive that...??
  5. Some time I use sendfrom, the balance of some account become negative. How happens it..?? Why use unsigned integer for balance variable in bitcoin core(for avoid negative value)..??

Note: I tested all in regtest net. I don't know what behavior in main net

Please give a best clarification for my doubts as possible


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