Is it possible to create to connect to a private bitcoin chain with bitcoin core? I created a private bitcoin chain through regtest on one vm. Now I want to make a full node copy of it on a separate vm.

My thought process was to do: bitcoind -regtest -daemon -port=8333 -rpcport=8332 -rpcuser=hello -rpcpassword=password

I think this created a private bitcoin chain on port 8333 that allows for rpc connections on 8332 for a user with the username=hello and a password of password.

I then tried to connect to it via the 2nd vm by using bitcoin-cli -regtest= -rpcuser=hello -rpcpassword=password getbalance

I assumed this would try to connect to the block chain using these credentials and get the balance of the chain but i got this error:

error: Could not connect to the server

Make sure the bitcoind server is running and that you are connecting to the correct RPC port.

Am I on the correct path or am i completely off target?

  • regtest=ip addr *** – John Shu Apr 5 at 1:24

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