I would like to do some research of the Bitcoin blockchain. Because i would like to do massive amounts of processing and lookups, I need a fast way to search the blockchain.

Http requests to insight.io just won't cut it...

I know of ABE but it seems no longer maintained and I don't know if it is up to par with the current implementation of the blockchain.

The environment I'm programming in is python.

Any ideas?


Depends on what you feel comfortable with.

You can go low level and query the lebeldb directly. The block index (information for every block) is in $DATADIR/blocks/index and the chainstate (information about the currently best known chain) in $DATADIR/chainstate.

An easier way is to have a fully synced bitcoind running locally and query over jsonrpc. From there you slice and dice the resulting JSON to fit your needs.

I haven't done leveldb querying, but I'd expect there to be a significant amount of work involved since it's just a key value store.

  • The idea is to try and track coins over long periods of time with an innovative approach. So even bitcoind won't really cut it I think. – Dennis Decoene Apr 7 at 14:05
  • Neither of those LevelDB databases maintained by bitcoind actually contain the information you want. Maybe some more modern indexing software like electrs is more appropriate. – Pieter Wuille Apr 7 at 21:07
  • A Bitcoin equivalent of this XRP project? – user58807 May 7 at 15:40

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