Im having a hard time finding an online place where i can see the prices of bitcoin (or other coins) - from different exchanges.

I mention i want a chart. And the ability to look into historic data.

I see that coinmarketcap offers the ability to see BTC prices at different exchanges - but it doesn't construct a chart from all of that, neither do i see how to get historic data. The chart they offer is an average of the price of bitcoin based on many exchanges.

I want to see this BTC prices on the same chart separately. What i want is that each exchange price makes its own graph - and the selected exchanges appear superimposed over the same chart.

Fake example:

   BTC binance yesterday was 5100
   BTC bitfinex yesterday was 5115

   BTC binance today is 5080
   BTC bitfinex today is 5090

So this chart will have 2 separate graphs - BTC binance graph and BTC biffinex graph.

So what can be said is that binance is a better place to buy BTC since given last 2 days, btc was cheaper by 10. But is this holding true over longer periods of time? What about other exchanges?

I want to see how this difference in prices between exchanges varyes over time.

Is this service available anywere, in the way im describing it here? Thanks.

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