I am fairly new to working with Python, I have a requirement where I need to perform some basic bitcoin operations on my local system rather than relying on some external API's, those function mainly include :

1. Wallet Creation

2. Address Creation

3. Transaction signing

For other operations, I am willing to use external API's like blockcypher. I need the above operations to be performed locally so to ensure some security. FOr ethereum I use web3.py which provides me these functions. Can anyone help me with the same for bitcoin?

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Please have a look at the API reference (JSON-RPC) (which has a python example, but might be out of date) and available Bitcoin Core apis.

Here is a nice clickable version of docs for bitcoin-python.


Libraries like Web3py or Web3js are connected to a node using JSON-RPC behind the scene. I am not aware of any library for bitcoin like Web3py. But Bitcoin do provide JSON-RPC interface, which you can use to perform these operations.

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