I would like to setup bitcoind to run in the background but not have live bindings.

I have tried the following:

bitcoind -server
bitcoind -daemon
bitcoind -daemon -server
bitcoin.conf (server=0)

0.8.1 seems to bind to,, ::1:8332, :::8333

How do i disable all bindings and have bitcoind respond via command line, while maintaining new blocks? OR How do i bind only to

Goal: duplicate mysqld behavior.

  • IIRC, I think you're looking for the nolisten and rpcallowip options.
    – Nick ODell
    Mar 25, 2013 at 20:21

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it seems the following is the answer to both questions:

// bitcoind.conf, v0.8.1

this results in a and ::1:8332 listen only. i was unsuccessful in locating a command that disables ipv6 listens. the onlynet= command limits peer connection types, not listen types.

listen=0 disables live listens, but does not affect localhost binds. the bind= command only works if listen=1 note that rpcuser= is set default to root if omitted and only accessible by a user with said credentials. disabling all listens would make the daemon inaccessible by command line. the server= command only works for bitcoin-qt.

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