1CK6KHY6MHgYvmRQ4PAafKYDrg1ejbH1cE I believe is an old block chain address of mine

  • Unless you are the pool manager of Slush Pool, it seems very unlikely. – Ugam Kamat Apr 29 at 12:15
  • Click here to see the transaction history for that address. – user58807 Apr 29 at 22:30

An address cannot 'belong to someone', but you could be in possession of the private key which allows you to spend from it. So if you have the private key (ie, you have access to the wallet that created that address, or a backup of it), then you can claim any coins held at that address.


Thats a Legacy Key, long Time ago they where the only ones wich you could Verify Transactions. Soon they gonna Veanish complete and the bech32 Keys will be Master.

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