I just install the bitcoind and run:

bitcoind -daemon

and when i tried to:

bitcoin-cli getblockhash 195876

i got an message:

error code: -8
error message:
Block height out of range

the command:

bitcoin-cli getblockchaininfo

got me the data -

"chain": "main",
"blocks": 195807,

but the current block height is more than 574000 why does bincoind doesnt see all the blocks?


That's because although the Bitcoin blockchain has a current height of 574080, your full node has synced until 195807 (the output "blocks": 195807 after running getblockchaininfo command). Block 195876, the one that you are querying, has not synced yet on your node. As you said, you have just installed Bitcoin Core. It take many hours (or sometimes days depending on your machine) for the node to reach the tip of the blockchain. It is not the size of the blockchain that makes it take so long time, but because your full node will go through every transaction since the genesis block and make sure that they confine by the consensus protocol.

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