How can WIF be easily converted to WitnessPubKeyHash in Go?

We need to get the public key from WIF and than calculate witness program as ripemd160(sha256(compressed_pub_key)).

But is there a function in btcutil to convert the public key to witnessProg required by NewAddressWitnessPubKeyHash function:

func NewAddressWitnessPubKeyHash(witnessProg []byte, net *chaincfg.Params) (*AddressWitnessPubKeyHash, error)

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There are 2 cases where the version byte in the witness program is either 0 or 1.
If the version byte is 0, you need a 20-byte HASH160 of the public key. Reference wiki.

witnessProg := btcutil.Hash160(w.SerializePubKey())
p2wpkh, err := btcutil.NewAddressWitnessPubKeyHash(witnessProg, chainParams)

But I am not really sure about the case where version byte is 1.

Edit: previous implementation was probably wrong, fixed after some more research.

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