Crafting and sending an utxo of 1 satoshi does works and get mined on testnet without error.
However on mainnet the error code 64: dust arise.

I understand the basic idea that you are not able to broadcast a transaction containing an utxo with a value so low that spending it(the low utxo) would not be enough to pay its tx fees. What is meant by Bitcoin dust?

So naturally I'm looking for setting this behavior in testnet in order to implement a proper way to handle this case. To do so I start my testnet node with:

bitcoind -datadir=/Volumes/EXT_SD/bitcoin -dustrelayfee=0.00003

I don't understand why it still allow me to send an utxo of 1 satoshi 1 sat ex as I expected to received an error code 64: dust instead of a successfull broadcast. The params dustrelayfee in the command line seems like recognised as the node start but looks like not working as I don't get an error when pushing a tx with an utxo of only 1 satoshi.
-> My goal is to have a testnet node which throw me an error related to dust output as testnet would do if a legacy output is below 546 satoshi

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    I don't understand what you want to do. You've already figured out how to change the dust limit and it works on testnet, so what do you want to do? – Andrew Chow May 23 at 3:52
  • I edited my question and hope to be more clear, sorry for my misleading question. – onepix May 23 at 9:49

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