I am trying to use the sendtoaddress rpc method of bitcoin core. From the documentation I read that I can pass "estimate_mode" parameter to estimate a fee. However as I believe json rpc follows positional parameters, so this parameter falls in the 8th position, before this there is another optional parameter named "conf_target". What value should I pass for this parameter?

bitcoin-cli bchtest:qp4uw0why90dht7texkv3nnws4cjml844y5ck8rr3q  0.1 "" "" false false ? "CONSERVATIVE"

What value should I pass in place of '?' ?

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The fee estimator works by targeting the number of blocks that will occur between the time when you broadcast and when it confirms. So a confirmation target of 6 would mean that the fee estimator is trying to get your transaction confirmed within 6 blocks. The fee estimator does not know within how many blocks you want your transaction to be confirmed, so it asks you as a parameter.

The default value for this is 6, but you can set it to whatever you want.

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